Payment Credit

If you run out of money in your personal account, and can’t add to your balance, you can use the credit payment service. When you connect the credit payment service to your account, you will have a selected amount of credit (50, 100 or 150 rubles) available and you can continue to use the Internet. To connect the credit payment system, go to your personal account on the site using the login / password you received when signing the contract. In the left menu, select "Make a credit payment", select the amount of the promised payment period, click "Save" Attention:
  • After the expiration date, the credit payment amount will be deducted from your personal account balance.
  • You can reclaim the credit payment amount only after the past due payment has been made.
You can also connect the credit payment system by calling NSUNet technical support at 363-41-93 or writing to (do not forget to include your personal account number);